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Script writing, voice overs and music.
Script Writing

If you ask us to write your script we will do so taking into account all information provided. Writing scripts is a skill, some of our clients are great at it, others are not. However the script comes together...

  • We produce a script that also gives an idea of what will happen on screen. As an example, here is the original script for the video below. 

  • We agree characteristics of the voice over (gender, age, class, attitude etcetera).

  • The script is assessed by any stakeholders you have planned to include. 

  • Once approved the storyboard is produced.

If you are writing your own script here are some tips

  • Cut all jargon. I personally only use explanations that my Mum can follow. My Mum is smart but if I say anything 'medical'  her brain just shuts down. Think of someone like that and then write for them.

  • For a tweetable video (2 minutes and 20 seconds) do not go over 300 words, (approx. 125 words per minute).

  • If a video is over 4 minutes long, it is probably too long.

  • Write with the main aim & main audience forefront in your mind.

  • As you write, highlight keywords, do not use multiple synonyms of same thing, i.e., don't say 'study' in one sentence  then 'trial' later.  As you rewrite and cut down word count, think about how to keep the keywords.

  • Only try and explain one concept in one video (a law made to be broken I admit, but it never goes well when I do).

  • Narrative structures are always good if you can work one in, however that is the animators job as much as the script writers job.

  • Check out an example script here.

Voice Overs

Voice over actors are sub-contracted by sciencesplained based on the needs of the video. Copyright for international commercial use is typically purchased to cover all your potential uses of the video. Voice overs are recorded as soon as the storyboard and script have been agreed as final. Normally a choice is not given as the market is very changeable for which actor is available to provide a 'voice over' at any given time. However, if you request 'options' I will provide them. This can delay production outside of the times given in the production schedule.  If a change is made to the voice-over script after this point a fee will be incurred for re-recording and editing. It is not possible to guaranteed the same voice over actor is available after their initial contract. 


Sciencesplained only uses music and images that it has the rights to sell and use. It has a library of music which it can select from. You may or may not be provided with a set of potential music pieces to accompany a video. If you don't like the music ask for other options!

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