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What is the process if I order a video?

You send us your manuscript, participant information sheet or document you want interpreting into a animated video. You also tell us the anticipated use of the video. Feel free to send any vision you already have for the final product. We read, understand and distil the key important facts and confirm our interpretation with you. We agree general ideas, a price, a timetable for revisions and final delivery date.

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Who designs the videos?

We do. We are scientists who decided to focus on communicating research findings  rather than doing research. If you an idea of how you want the video to look we will of course try to make that happen.

Do I need to write/provide the voice over?

Not unless you really want to. We write the script, if there is one, we will also get professional voice over services for your video.

Can you make custom cartoon characters?

Yes of course​. We can make a mini you or any other character you may wish to see introducing your videos.

How much does a video cost?

Prices vary depending on the project, but as a rough idea our standard twitter length (2min20sec) video with voice over and music costs about £1200. Additional services, i.e., creating new animated characters incur additional charges. 

A great data set regarding costs in the animated explainer video industry is here. As you can see we are great value and offer a specific service for your business. 

How long does it take to deliver a video?

We aim to deliver a 2min20 second video within a month if we have fast turnaround from you. It is important for clients to get feedback from multiple stakeholders in many cases and that is normally the main reason from delay.

In what formats do you provide the video?

We output the video in MP4 format.

Can you manage file uploads to youTube for me?

Yes we can. We can also advise regarding about how best to use/upload videos on various social media platforms.

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