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Helpful tips for making a great video (with multiple stakeholders)

This set of tips is a work in progress. Let me know via the contact page if it is helpful or not and any suggestions for what to add. 

This set of instructions assumes you are trying to make a video within an institution with involvement from patients / public / distant senior managers who need to green-light stuff / ethics committees and more.  i.e., lots of stakeholders! You probably wont need all of it but it's here if you do.

If you are the sole person responsible, please do not get the wrong idea. I can make a video for you with no hassle in a week or so. I can make one for myself in a day.  Go to the simple FAQS to for an easy overview of the process. The information on this page is only for people working in a multi stakeholder environment.

This detailed guide includes lots of sample text for emails and a set of sample documents that you can edit to your needs.  

The process for all videos is the same:

  1. Briefing (discussing and agreeing on needs and timeline, normally via video or conference call)

  2. Script writing (agreeing on script for storyboard)

  3. Storyboarding (Implementing set of still images that visualize the animation - opportunity for major substantive changes up to this point)

  4. First Video Draft (Rough animated version of storyboard - may deviate a little from original storyboard in creative process - some substantitive change possible at this point)

  5. Final Video Delivery (Check for minor errors and sign of as complete)

Click on the links below to find out much more, download all associated files and the entire handbook using the download buttons below. All materials refer to the example video shown at the bottom of this page. 

1. How to prepare a brief for your animator.

2. Engaging with ethics.

3. Script writing, voice overs & music.

4. Giving feedback on a storyboard.

5. Giving feedback on a first draft video.

6. Proofing and delivery.

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