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How to get good feedback on a storyboard.

Below you can download the storyboard for the sample video. Also I provide a template word document for guidance on feedback. To be honest reviewers find reviewing the storyboard effectively much easier than reviewing the videos. 

With multiple feedback it comes down to you to decide which feedback I should take into account and which feedback to put on the back burner. Many of your stake holders may have contradictory views. I need one summary feedback file from you that gives me direction to move on. 

Key stake holders who you need to green-light your eventual video but are too busy to give feedback should OK the storyboard before moving forward.  Sample text for emailing such stake holders is given below



Please find the storyboard for the animated video we are creating to ADD AIM HERE attached. We are asking a number of people to give detailed feedback on the storyboard. I understand you may have limited time and not have time for detailed feedback. However I do need you to just take five minutes to read through and make sure there is nothing major that you think should be changed as major changes are not possible.




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